Tracy Morrison


“Sunbaked soil and rabbit brush, rattlesnake coils in the desert rust,” Tracy Morrison sings on the opening track of her third full-length album, Flower Songs in Sagebrush Town (Available November 22, 2019). “Her path is paved with bone and stone, this desert plain will lead her home…” a tribute to women and girls who traveled the Oregon Trail during the western migration of 1840’s to the 1860’s. “My songwriting is driven by real people and real stories. I’m a sixth generation Idaho native and I love the American West.  I was raised in a rural southern Idaho musical community where I learned to sing folk songs and play guitar through song circles. Our family survived off our humble three acres of land. We had fruit trees, gardens and livestock. We supplemented our meat by hunting and fishing.” The story songs on the album include “Black Mary” aka Stagecoach Mary, the first African American woman, postal carrier for the US Star Route; “Prairie Rose” (Ann Robbins), bronc riding champion of the Golden Age of Rodeo, and “The Ballad of Molly B’Damn” (Maggie Hall), college educated Irish immigrant who left New York City to pursue her independence and became a well-known humanitarian and successful brothel Madame. “There were very few jobs available to western women, so many were subject to a life of prostitution.”

This release is Morrison’s first solo production. “This was a new studio experience for me,” says Morrison. “These songs are about women and girls who have inspired me to be myself, so I recorded them in raw form to represent my solo performance. I worked with Don Cunningham because he has an incredible understanding of American music and he’s brilliant at capturing true acoustic sound.” 

 “Heirloom” (2018) was produced by composer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist; Thomas Paul. Steeped in traditional influences, and draws from classic Rock-n-Roll. Compelling electric guitar riffs, intricate bass lines, and graceful vocal harmonies showcase Morrison's folk rock personality. In 2012, she released a self-titled, alternative country EP produced by Pinto Bennett. In 2014, she released “Dancing Through Medbury” original folk songs highlighting her rural roots & incorporating hints of old time country-blues and western. 

She is also a Speaker for the Idaho Humanities Council’s, Speakers Bureau. She presents stories and songs programs including “Historical Idaho Women Stories & Folksongs”, “Country Ballads and Early Blues” and “American Folkmusic Revival”.

 “Doing no-frills traditional country is tougher than it sounds. Many times, musicians who try come off as staid, corny, self-important or reclusive. With her indelible melodies, warm voice and spare, winningly plain-spoken lyrics, Pinto Bennett protégé Tracy Morrison gets it just right.”

Ben Schultz - Boise Weekly